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Birth Injury Attorneys Orlando

Birth injuries are more common in America than most people realize. It is estimated that out of every 1,000 births in the United States, 27 of them result in some form of injury. In Florida alone, over 250,000 babies are born every year, meaning between 5,000 and 10,000 of Florida’s newborns suffer an injury at birth. At Todd E. Copeland & Associates, we understand that when it’s your newborn that is injured, all the statistics in the world don’t matter. What’s most important is finding the right treatment/care for your baby to have as normal a life as possible, and seeking justice for those who are responsible. 

What Types Of Injuries Can Happen During Birth?

Our lawyers are experienced in representing birth injury accidents, and we can help you secure the compensation you deserve for medical problems such as:

Birth accidents and injuries are often the result of negligence on the part of the attending medical personnel, such as failure to take reasonable and necessary steps to prevent the accident. In these cases, the doctor and hospital staff may be liable for damages.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Birth Injuries?

Every medical professional and company involved in the birth of your child has the potential to be held liable for any negligence or malpractice that led to an infant's injuries.  The party most sought after for damages is the hospital.  As corporations (either public or privately held) they are ultimately responsible for the staff, equipment and conditions present at the time of a child's birth.  This means that they can be held liable for both their direct negligence and vicariously for the negligence of others involved.  During the hiring process, hospitals must undergo rigorous screening of candidates.  All medical professionals who become employed by the hospital must carry the proper certifications, licenses and training. Should it be proven that the hospital did not perform due dilligence on a particular individual who was responsible for your child's injury they can be held liable.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can be held liable for injuries when faulty production and testing of their products can be proven to have led to an injury.  Administering the drug properly is ultimately the duty of the physician or medical professional on staff.  Your doctor is considered a "learned intermediary" meaning that their extensive medical knowledge is what determines if a particular drug is appropriate to give to a particular patient.  The drug company is responsible for properly labeling their products for possible risks and side effects and to inform anyone administering the drugs of such.

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