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Boating Accident Lawyers Orlando

Boating, fishing, and jet skiing are some of our favorite pastimes here in Central Florida. When done in a safe manner and properly supervised, they provide fun & excitement and a connection with the great outdoors. Unfortunately, some boaters ignore basic safety precautions and disregard the rights of others to enjoy a safe waterway. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, contact the law firm of Todd E. Copeland & Associates today. We are experienced in this area of law and can secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What Do Florida Maritime Laws Cover?

Also known as "Admiralty Law" this set of laws governs legal proceedings surrounding water-based vehicles.  There are several forms of watercraft that could be involved in a boating accident. They include:

Regardless of the make and model of the watercraft involved, there may be a number of parties responsible. Aside from the negligent driver, the company that rented the boat, the manufacturer, and the property owner may all share some liability as well.

What Can Make Jet Skis Dangerous?

Jet skis are built for ‘fun in the sun’, and as a result, are often driven recklessly. And because of their capacity to race at high speeds in the lakes, bays and on the open seas, when they collide with other watercraft, it can cause very serious injuries. It is estimated that jet skis are involved in roughly 1/3 of all boating accidents, and half of all collisions that occur on the waterways. When they collide with another watercraft, your body can be thrown around in a number of different directions. This can cause injuries to the head, spinal cord, and many other areas, some not becoming known until a long time after the accident occurred. This is why it is important to seek medical attention right away (even if you don’t think you’re hurt), and to get in touch with an attorney.

How Many Boating Accidents Happen Annually In Florida?

According to the 2012 statistics posted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida leads the nation with the most number of recreational boating accidents.  With 889,895 registered recreational vessels its easy to see why.  In 2012 there were 704 reportable watercraft accidents, 685 of which involved a recreational vessel.  61 people died in a boating accident in Florida in 2011 with the second highest fatality rate of the past 4 years at 7.3%.  Most accidents have historically occurred in the month of July during the afternoon and evening hours with the majority of fatalities stemming from falls overboard.  Gas powered vessels with fiberglass hulls and propellers operated in less than 12 feet of water had the highest fatality rates.  For more statistics on boating accidents visit the FWC website here.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident on the waterways, it is important to find out your legal rights. At Todd E. Copeland & Associates, we fight hard to win boating accident victims the just compensation they deserve. We will provide you a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your case and help determine if it is worth pursuing. And if we do take your case, we will not charge any upfront fees. You only pay us if we win a settlement for you. Call our boat & jet ski accidents lawyers in Orlando today at (407) 999-8995 or toll free at (888) 999-9149.