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Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando

As an American, it is likely that you will need a car accident lawyer at least once in your lifetime. Our attachment to our vehicles is a dramatic and deeply felt love affair with the "freedom of the road". The comparatively large distance between our cities, towns, neighborhoods and rural homes cause the average American to seek a drivers license as soon as they are eligible, and to continue driving longer than those living in other countries around the world. That means our drivers depend on their car for transportation for most, if not all of their life. It also means it is highly likely any given person will experience at least one automobile accident during their lifetime.

When Is It Time To Call an Attorney?

The problem is most people are not experts in managing the legal aspects of the average auto accident, and any legal pitfalls can make an already stressful situation miserable and costly. In smaller accidents, such as a fender bender, the insurance company often can manage the full claim with no problem. So how do you know when to file an ordinary claim with your insurance company or with the other driver's insurance company?

There are many factors involved in the decision to call an accident attorney, including:

For property damage, a car accident lawyer helps individuals obtain sufficient money to cover their full repair or replacement costs. If the insurance carrier's initial offer does not fully repair or replace the car, then the offer should never be accepted. Many car insurers only offer the "used value" of the vehicle, which can make it difficult to replace the damaged vehicle, especially if the car or truck was new, nearly new, or in high demand in that particular area.

How to Recover Financial Damages Following a Collision?

The real issues that cause the greatest need for a car accident lawyer revolve around the personal injuries and financial liabilities. People involved in auto accidents should seek medical treatment for their injuries as soon as possible for their health and wellness. But, prompt treatment can also remove doubt as to the cause of a person's injuries, which often complicates poorly documented personal injury cases. Medical costs are usually the biggest point of contention between the at-fault's insurance company and the victim.

As the costs add up, insurance companies will try to reduce their exposure by offering less to settle a claim. They will carefully check every expense and question whether it is valid. For these reasons, claimants need to keep all of their costs with receipts well documented. If they cannot afford to pay all of their bills or when seeking damages for pain and suffering and mental anguish, victims should seek immediate legal counsel for assistance. It is also important that accident victims not discuss the details of their accident with others, including their own insurance company, without legal representation from a qualified Orlando car accident lawyer.

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Problems most often occur whenever an auto accident is more serious. Once the damages to the vehicles start to stack up and medical bills for drivers and passengers begin to grow, it is comforting to have a car accident lawyer by your side. Todd E. Copeland & Associates has been litigating accident injury cases for years and has the resources to properly investigate, document and represent any personal injury lawsuit. We offer a FREE consultation where you can explain what happened, then our attorney will help determine what type of case you may have. Plus.. you only pay us if we obtain compensation for you, so there's no upfront fees.

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