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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a brain injury that leads to permanent and lasting health concerns for the sufferer. CP often occurs shortly before or during child birth when the baby does not receive sufficient oxygen to his/her brain. There are four (4) primary types of cerebral palsy:

Because there are no know cures at this time, CP can cause a permanent disability and incur hundreds of thousands in medical expenses for the family. Symptoms include seizures, breathing problems, poor motor skills, slurred speech, coma, and in extreme cases death.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

No two cases of CP are the same. Different victims have varying degrees of symptoms, and unique circumstances that may have caused the condition in the first place. Many times, CP is a birth accident that is preventable. For example, if an expecting mother is diagnosed with a certain condition such as hypertension, a Caesarean section may be necessary to ensure the healthy birth of the child. Often, the medical professionals involved unnecessarily delay this procedure, later leading to the oxygen flow being cut off to the baby’s brain. This would likely be a case of medical malpractice on the part of the doctor and/or medical staff.  If your newborn child is suffering from cerebral palsy, it is important to know your legal rights. Speak to a birth injury lawyer right away.

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If you believe that your child’s CP is the result of the hospital’s negligence, contact a cerebral palsy attorney in Orlando as soon as possible. In Florida, there is a relatively short filing deadline for CP damage claims, so it is critical that you speak to a qualified legal professional as soon as possible. At the law firm of Todd E. Copeland & Associates, we are the Orlando cerebral palsy attorneys who offer personalized service for each client we serve. We understand how devastating a brain injury can be for your child and family, and we fight hard to make sure those who caused this are held responsible. For a FREE no obligation consultation regarding your case, call our office today at (407) 999-8995 or toll free at (888) 999-9149.