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Experiencing Complications after your DePuy Hip Implant? Seek the Justice You Deserve.Experiencing Complications after your DePuy Hip Implant? Seek the Justice You Deserve.

Depuy Hip Implant Lawyers Orlando

The manufacturer of Depuy hip implants, Johnson and Johnson, just recently lost a case regarding one of their implant devices where the jury found 8.3 million in damages for the plaintiff. Depuy has known for years that some models were defective and they discontinued production and sales of one of their ASR models in 2009. It wasn't till 2010 that they voluntarily recalled the ASR hip implant devices after over 90,000 patients had the implant surgery. Our Orlando implant attorneys constantly monitor active cases and favorable rulings for the manufacturers of these dangerous medical devices.

Depuy Hip Implant Side Effects

Part of the problem with some of the Depuy hip implant systems is the ball and socket was both constructed out of metal. Over time the components begin to erode as they rub together which releases metal particles in the body. This results in a collection of fluid in the joints causing serious pain and inability to walk for the recipients of these implants. Some of the reported possible outcomes and possible side effects of the defective implants include:

NOTE: Johnson & Johnson is the world's largest provider of health care products and has issued more than 30 product recalls since 2009

At Todd Copeland and Associates, we believe that the manufacturers should be held accountable when their interest in capital gains is placed ahead of proper device testing resulting in serious and unnecessary injury to consumers. Contact our Orlando office today if you or a loved one has suffered injury that resulted from any Depuy hip implant device. We will fight to make sure you receive the just compensation you deserve.