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Pradaxa Lawsuits are being Reviewed Nationwide. Find Out if You Have a Case Now!Pradaxa Lawsuits are being Reviewed Nationwide. Find Out if You Have a Case Now!

Pradaxa Lawyers Orlando

FDA Warning, Action or Recall: The FDA is in the process of conducting a safety review for Pradaxa given that over 500 deaths was reported to be associated with this drug in 2011.

Our Orlando law firm attorneys have vast expertise in handling claims of people against huge corporate empires. Pharmaceutical companies who fail to properly test drugs such as Pradaxa before marketing to the public must be held accountable when consumers are harmed. The manufacturer of Pradaxa, Boehringer, Ingelheim is a German company who failed to release an antidote to stop the potential internal bleeding that could occur from this drug. At Todd Copeland and Associates, our medical injury attorneys work closely with pharmaceutical experts to assure that pharmaceutical companies are held responsible for their negligent behavior.

Side Effects of Pradaxa

Pradaxa or Dabigatran is a blood thinner in a class of drugs known as thrombin inhibitors. It's used to prevent blood clots from forming for individuals with certain irregular heart rhythms called atrial fibrillation. Pradaxa is administered in a capsule form and is supposed to prevent blood clots in order to reduce the risk of stroke. The possible side effects and adverse patient consequences from taking this drug can include but are not limited to:

If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to the serious adverse effects of this drug, you don’t have to wait for an FDA Pradaxa recall to obtain justice. Here at Todd Copeland and Associates we are committed to providing our clients with the professional representation they deserve to successfully fight these huge pharmaceutical companies. Contact our Orlando office today to learn more about your legal rights and available options related to just compensation you deserve.