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Hurricane Property Damage Attorney Orlando

If your home has been damaged in a hurricane or other major windstorm and your insurance company is not paying you what is right, we can help!

At the law firm of Todd E. Copeland & Associates, you'll find hurricane property damage attorneys with experience in helping homeowners and businesses in Central Florida when their insurers are not covering what they are obligated to.

We understand the frustration of dealing with the mountain of paperwork involved with filing a homeowner's insurance claim, and we are committed to making the process smooth, and making sure you receive the proper compensation for the losses you incurred.

What Do I Do After the Storm?

Here in Florida, we are always dealing with hurricane threats. During storm season (usually August through November), it seems there is a tropical storm out there in the Gulf every week or two with its eye on the Sunshine State. If your home is damaged by a major storm, keep in mind that the standard homeowner policy should cover you in several ways, including:

When a hurricane makes landfall, it can literally turn our lives upside down. Cleanup after a major disaster is bad enough without having to fight your insurance company to receive the full compensation you are due. The problem is that after a storm, many insurers are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of property damage claims, and they are often very conservative in their damage assessments, hoping to minimize their payouts.

We're proud to serve clients throughout Florida including the cities of Clermont, Kissimmee, Tavares, Haines City, Leesburg, St. Cloud, Eustis, Lady Lake, Apopka, Winter Haven, Lakeland and Sanford.

Essentially, whatever costs you incur to restore your home (and life) to pre-storm conditions are supposed to be covered by your homeowner policy. Unfortunately, your insurance company is not always willing to pay the proper replacement costs. If you are having trouble dealing with your insurer following a major storm, it is important to know your legal rights. Contact our hurricane damage claims attorneys in Orlando at (407) 999-8995 or toll free at (888) 999-9149 for a FREE, no obligation case assessment.