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A spinal cord injury can happen almost instantly and results from damage to the vertebrae, disks or ligaments of the spinal column or to the cord itself. The damage can last a lifetime, especially when victims are paralyzed. The serious and debilitating spinal injury damages tracts in the spinal cord that carry messages from the brain and the rest of the body. The majority of spinal cord injuries occur during some type of accident or injury, the highest percentage coming from automobile accidents. Our lawyers at Todd E. Copeland & Associates have seen firsthand, the traumatic effects of spinal cord injuries.

Determining Personal Damages

Our spine injury attorneys take into account yours or your loved one’s individual needs, and the financial burden that rehabilitation and life care will demand. We know that, with full resources to deal with the on-going expenses for costs to include:

A spinal cord injury victim and his or her family can have a full, rewarding and satisfying life with an appropriate settlement. We have a team of legal, medical and life care planning experts standing by to assist you with your needs.

What are some of the risk factors Associated with spinal cord injuries?

In general spinal cord injuries are caused from an accident and can happen to almost anyone. However certain factors may predispose certain individuals to a higher risk of spine injuries. It seems that males are more likely to have spinal injuries than women. Individuals between 16 and 30 are most likely to suffer a traumatic spine injury often due to motor vehicle accidents. Other risk factors include engaging in risky behavior. For example, not wearing the proper safety equipment while playing sports or diving into a shallow body of water can increase the chance of spinal cord injuries. Other risk factors include bone or joint disorders such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

What are some of the complications that are related to spine injuries?

Complications can include bladder control which can increase the risk of urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and kidney or bladder stones. Your ability to control your bowel movements can be altered. A loss of part or all skin sensations below the neurological level of the injury which ultimately can make you more susceptible to pressure sores. Spinal injuries can affect your circulatory system which can increase the chance of developing blood clots. Your Respiratory system can be impacted causing breathing problems if your chest and abdominal muscles are affected. The severity level of your injury could lead to lung problems and higher risk of pneumonia. Some people experience one of two types of muscle tone issues; either spasticity or flaccidity. Sexual problems in men and women are not uncommon; doctors and fertility specialists may be able to offer options for fertility and sexual functioning. Some people experience muscle, joint, or nerve pain following spinal injuries. Finally depression can occur as it can be very difficult coping with all of the above issues that can occur as the result of different spinal cord injuries.

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