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Jennifer L. Muir Esq.

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6656-s.jpgJennifer L. Muir is an associate attorney with Todd E. Copeland & Associates, P.A. Jennifer’s practice is focused on representing individuals in personal injury, PIP issues, wrongful death cases and products liability. Jennifer focuses on hundreds of pre-suit files and litigation files. She is proud of her ongoing relationship with each and every client. She is dedicated and takes pride in obtaining the highest settlement possible.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Florida in 1995. Her major was Political Science with a minor in Sociology. She graduated from Thomas Cooley Law School in May of 1999. Jennifer was on the dean’s list for four of the six terms at Cooley Law. She was involved in: being the Business Editor of the Cooley Law Journal, representative of the Florida Barbari, volunteered for several moot courts and interned for Circuit Court Judge Peter Evans in West Palm Beach, Florida.

After graduating from law school, Jennifer immediately began working as a prosecutor for the 19th Judicial Circuit under State Attorney Bruce H. Colton in Ft. Pierce, Florida. She began in the misdemeanor division handling bond hearings, violation of probation hearings, motions to suppress, plea agreements, jury trials and non-jury trials. After being in the misdemeanor division for only a few months she was quickly promoted to the felony division where she went before several Circuit Judges. She handled 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree felonies, conducted approximately twenty jury trials, handled appeals, sentencing hearings, VOP hearings, motions to suppress, arraignments and bond hearings. She thoroughly enjoyed the rewarding job of helping the people of the community.

From 2001 to 2005 she worked for a law firm with offices in Hollywood, Miami and Orlando, FL. The practice consisted of insurance defense and Personal Injury Protection matters. She represented Allstate and Progressive Insurance Companies. She handled over 300 files and maintained the highest number of settlements. She handled thousands of personal injury protection files which included fee hearings, motions for summary judgment, claims involving fraud, claims involving improper coding and reductions, and much more . She conducted hundreds of depositions of doctors, billing representatives, claimants, adjusters and office representatives. She was promoted to run the firm’s Orlando office and started the transition herself. She still maintained the same heavy caseload, only in a different venue. She conducted tons of discovery and court hearings pertaining to several of the cases. She was able to settle a large amount of her cases.

Since 2005, Ms. Muir has been an associate attorney with Todd E. Copeland & Associates. She takes pride in all of her work and aims for 100% satisfaction from each client. She deals with adjusters and defense attorneys every day. Her experience as a prosecutor has made her tough, confident and has given her trial experience. Her experience as a defense attorney has taught her the other side of what she does now. She easily sees both sides and her experience has taught her a lot about medical damages, how to handle adjusters and defense attorneys and most importantly, the value of claims. She continues to settle cases, as well as litigate files, while heading the pre-suit department of the firm. She attends court hearings, attends depositions and mediations, and deals with clients on a daily basis. Since no amount of money will put a person injured in an accident “back in the position he or she was prior to the accident or slip and fall,” Ms. Muir will get the best and top value for each client’s injuries.

Ms. Muir is a dedicated, self motivated, hardworking, honest, empathetic attorney who strives for client satisfaction. She is assertive and aggressive and takes pride in her work and her job. She also takes pride in her one on one relationship with each and every client. No injury or “case” is too small as all are given 100% by this law firm.