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Car Crashes, Cooking Fires Pose Dangers on Thanksgiving Day, say Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando

Posted by copeland on November 19, 2013


One might think that January, July or October would be in the lead for the most dangerous holiday month of the year, considering the public carousing that goes hand-in-hand with fireworks and costume parties. Not so, say officials with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Statistics show it's actually November's Thanksgiving Day holiday that's to blame for the biggest spikes in auto accidents and unintended cooking fires.

According to the NHTSA, just over 100 people a day are killed in auto accidents nationwide. But on Thanksgiving Day each year, that number more than doubles. In fact, in the past few years, Thanksgiving Day road fatalities ranged from 250 in to more than 550. Researchers point to the sheer number of cars on the road, noting that an estimated 91 percent of Americans travel by car to reach their destination. Consider that many of these drivers are fatigued from the work week and all the holiday planning, and that a high percentage of them likely will enjoy a cocktail or two before heading home.

Another major safety risk is cooking fires. Statistics from the CPSC show that from 2009 through 2011, an average 1,300 cooking fires were reported on each Thanksgiving Day. That figure is more than three times the average daily rate of about 400 cooking fires a day. The top culprit: freestanding turkey fryers which can catch fire or even explode, causing severe burns, smoke inhalations and lacerations.

This Thanksgiving Day weekend, auto accident, product liability and personal injury attorneys with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates urge you to take the utmost care. Don't drink and drive, get plenty of rest before leaving for that long holiday road trip and be wary of other drivers who may be driving while intoxicated or simply exhausted. If you're in charge of the turkey and plan to use a freestanding fryer, place it outside and away from your home. Never use one indoors, in a garage or on a porch. Wear close-fitting, fire-retardant clothing, keep kids and pets clear of the area and never leave a turkey fryer or any cooking equipment unattended.

Hopefully, your Thanksgiving Day celebration won't lead to a need for our services. But if you or your dependents are injured in a car accident, cooking fire or other product, premises or personal injury incident, get medical treatment immediately and call an experienced attorney. Todd E. Copeland & Associates can be reached at 407-999-8995 in Orlando or 407-847-7277 in Kissimmee.