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Firecrackers among the Most Dangerous Consumer Fireworks each New Year's Eve, Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando Say

Posted by copeland on December 27, 2013


No New Year's Eve celebration is complete without fireworks. And while many will ring in 2014 enjoying large public fireworks displays, consumer fireworks also are a popular choice. But just because they're smaller and pack far less firepower, don't let them fool you. Unfortunately, it's those seemingly safer personal-use fireworks that cause most fireworks-related injuries.

The top five injury-causing consumer-grade fireworks legally sold in most areas are:

  • Firecrackers - 23 percent
  • Sparklers - 12 percent
  • Bottle rockets - 12 percent
  • Reloadable shells - 9 percent
  • Roman candles - 4 percent

But none of those top the injury rate of illegal or homemade fireworks - they're to blame for a full 25 percent of fireworks-related injuries and were involved in every one of the six fireworks-related deaths reported to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission last year. Not only are they potentially more dangerous because they fall short of approved manufacturing standards, but their use can severely limit your chances of securing compensation in personal injury claims.

If you plan to celebrate with consumer fireworks, take precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. First, check to make sure that the fireworks you choose are legal in your area. Laws vary among states, counties and municipalities. And forget homemade fireworks. They're simply not worth the risk.

Never let young children play with fireworks and make sure that teens are supervised by a trusted adult. Know that a firework that fails to ignite immediately isn't necessarily a dud. It can ignite at any second, so never try to pick up or re-light one. Light fireworks one at a time and quickly move back and away from it. And always keep a water source close by to quickly put out accidental blazes.

If you or your dependents are injured using consumer-grade fireworks, get medical attention immediately and contact a personal injury attorney with Central Florida's Todd E. Copeland & Associates. Call 407-999-8995 for our Orlando office or 407-847-7277 to reach us in Kissimmee.