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Hurricane Season has Begun - Is Your Home Ready?

Posted by copeland on June 6, 2014


The start of June means days lingering at the beach, the pool or the golf course. Oh, yes - and storm season. The Atlantic hurricane season officially began June1 and will run through the summer and fall, ending late November. Is your home ready?

Since the year 2000, hurricanes have caused more than $64 billion in damage to Florida homes, buildings and other properties. While weather experts with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict that El Niño (the band of warm ocean water temperatures that periodically develops off the Pacific coast of South America and can affect weather patterns globally) will mean a relatively slow storm season. But it only takes one violent storm to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business.

Hurricane property damage attorneys with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates offer a few tips to help better protect your home or building.

  • Have your roof inspected by a professional, licensed contractor who will check for missing shingles or leaks that could damage your interior ceiling; 
  • Install storm-ready windows and further protect them with storm shutters. Forget the old wives' tale that taping your windows will help. Truth is, tape won't stand up to hurricane-force winds, and can cause windows to break into larger shards of glass, which potentially can do more damage than can smaller shards;
  • Clean debris from your gutters to avoid water pooling around your roof and foundation, potentially causing roof leaks and flooding; 
  • Remove or secure outdoor items that can become airborne and be tossed through your windows. These may include patio tables, lawn chairs, metal trash cans and loose tree limbs;
  • Purchase a fuel-powered generator to ensure you'll continue to have electricity and air conditioning should a storm knock out power in your area. Air conditioning can help keep the humidity inside your home at bay, reducing the chances of mold forming;
  • Plan for the worst. As pricey as hurricane property damage can be, it's no match for the potential serious injury or loss of life. Be packed and prepared to evacuate yourself, your family and your pets if conditions warrant.

If a major storm does hit, wait until it's passed and conditions are safe before you return. And, hire a professional to assess the damage before filing a homeowner's insurance claim. However, know that many insurance companies can and will use any excuse to deny your claim. If that happens, know that you do have legal rights, and that a hurricane damage claims attorney can help. Contact Todd E. Copeland & Associates at 407-999-8995.