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Low Cost Wines Tainted with Dangerous Levels of Arsenic

Posted by copeland on March 24, 2015

Wine glasses

If you're a connoisseur of low price brands of wine, take note. According to a class action lawsuit filed this month, one of your favorites may be contain illegal and dangerously high levels of poisonous arsenic.

The complaint alleges that 28 California wineries "produce and market wines that contain dangerously high levels of inorganic arsenic, in some cases up to 500 percent or more than what is considered the maximum acceptable safe daily intake limit."

The claims are based on testing done at BeverageGrades, a private lab in Denver. The lab tested 1,306 different wines and found that 83 showed dangerously elevated levels of inorganic arsenic. Two additional labs confirmed the results. Doctors warn that risks of arsenic exposure include bladder, lung and skin cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning can include brownish green spots on the hands and feet, white lines in the fingernails, headaches, confusion, drowsiness and diarrhea.

Among the popular brands named as defendants include Franzia, Ménage à Trois, Sutter Home, Wine Cube, Charles Shaw, Glen Ellen, Cupcake, Beringer and Vendage. Wines included in the suit primarily are inexpensive white or blush varietals including Moscato, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. California is home to the nation's largest wine region, with more than 1,200 wineries producing more than 60 percent of all wine consumed in the US. Annual California wine shipments with the US alone hits 215 million cases containing more than 2.58 billion bottles.

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