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Multiple Parties May be Liable for Defective Medical Devices, Lawyers in Orlando Say

Posted by copeland on September 4, 2013


Medical devices are designed to improve or even save lives. But when one malfunctions, the consequences can be devastating for patients and their families. Of course, it's understood that each new medical advancement comes with inherent risks. Still, when a patient's life is adversely affected or ended by a product meant to help him, someone must be held liable, say defective medical device lawyers with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates.

In recent years, multiple medical devices, including defibrillators, stents, implants and contraceptive devices, have come under legal fire for debilitating or fatal injuries they caused to patients. But who's to blame when these tragedies happen? That depends upon where in the manufacture and marketing chain the defect happened:

  • Defective manufacture: Defective manufacture cases focus on medical devices that were improperly manufactured or otherwise damaged as a result of errors occurring at the manufacturing facility, during shipping, or at a hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Defective design: Medical devices that were properly manufactured may still have an unreasonably dangerous design that can cause injury.
  • Defective marketing: Fraudulent claims about what a medical device will do for a patient, inadequate or inaccurate warnings or instructions, or the lack of warnings or instructions can lead to legal trouble. This can happen on the part of the manufacturer, sales representative, hospital, physician or other medical provider.

Potential defendants in a defective medical device lawsuit can include the manufacturer, clinical testing laboratory, medical sales representative, marketing company, doctor, hospital, clinic, retail supplier or other related party. Depending upon the particulars of your case, multiple defendants may be held liable.

If you, your spouse or your dependent are injured by a defective medical device, attorneys urge you to act quickly. Statutes of limitations mandate that you file your case within a certain amount of time after you suffered or knew about the injury. And while the facts of your case may seem obvious and undeniable, you should never attempt to undertake a legal fight on your own. Personal injury lawyers with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates specialize in helping victims of malfunctioning or defective medical devices secure fair compensation for their losses. Call 407-999-8995 to reach our Orlando office, or 407-847-7277 to speak with someone in our Kissimmee office today.