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Popular Pacifiers Recalled Due to Choking and Breathing Hazards

Posted by copeland on February 10, 2014


They're cute, for sure. But a popular trio of infant pacifiers also may pose a threat to your little one, say personal injury attorneys with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates. Distributed by Cumberland, Rhode Island's Fred & Friends, the Chill Baby Artiste, Volume and Panic pacifiers all were found to fall short of federal safety standards recently and have been recalled.

The Chill Baby Artiste pacifier features a black plastic mustache and beard; the Volume pacifier a round, black knob with numbers that resembles a volume knob on a radio; and the Panic pacifier a red round button with the word "PANIC" in the middle. The beard on the Chill Baby Artiste pacifier and the knob on the Volume pacifier can detach, posing a choking hazard to babies and young children. Plus, the ventilation holes on the Volume and Panic pacifier guards are too small. Those holes allow for air circulation. Without them, a baby's saliva can collect behind the base, irritating the skin or even causing a rash.

The recall affects about 183,000 units in the United States and another 17,000 in Canada. They were sold in various department, gift, drug, toy, baby product, grocery and home decorating stores, plus hospital and museum gift shops nationwide, and online. They were sold between April and December 2013 for about $10 - $12.

If you purchased any of these pacifiers and your baby has not been injured, visit the Fred & Friends website for information on returning them for a refund. However, if you believe your child was injured using the Chill Baby Artiste, Volume or Panic pacifier, keep it intact as it can be used as evidence in a product liability or personal injury case. Get your child medical care immediately, then contact an attorney with Todd E. Copeland & Associates at 407-999-8995 in Orlando or 407-847-7277 in Kissimmee.