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Six Tips for Avoiding a Rollover Crash

Posted by copeland on April 4, 2014


Statistics show that more than 7,500 Americans die in rollover crashes each year, despite figures from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration showing that rollovers occur in less than three percent of automobile crashes. While rare, rollovers can be deadly, often involving drivers or passengers being ejected from their vehicles.

Rollover accident lawyers with Orlando’s Todd E. Copeland & Associates offer six tips for avoiding these potentially devastating crashes:

  1. Shop wise: When shopping for a new vehicle, choose one with a low center of gravity and a wide, stable base. Avoid tall SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans, as their center of gravity is high and they tend to have relatively narrow bases. 
  2. Slow Down for turns: A top trigger of rollovers is trying to take a turn at too high a speed. That’s because a vehicle speeding through a turn often begins to swerve sideways, then “trip” against a curb, guardrail or other obstacle. This is particularly likely if you’re driving one of those high-center-of-gravity vehicles. 
  3. Respect the roadways when it rains: Wet roads are slick roads. And slick roads can be dangerous ones. That few extra minutes that your trip will take can potentially save a life. Slow down and be extra wary of road conditions and other drivers. 
  4. Give a guy some space: Give other cars on the roads a wide berth and avoid tailgating. This will allow you more time and space to react and adjust should another driver make an unexpected or erratic move. 
  5. Air up: Tires that are out of balance can make your vehicle more prone to rolling over. Keep them adequately filled with air and in proper balance.
  6. Don’t drink and drive: Alcohol often proves to be a factor in car accidents that involve rollovers, particularly in single-car incidents. Skip the cocktails, take a taxi or arrange for a non-drinking designated driver to accompany you on your outings.

In addition to these tips, always buckle your seatbelt and insist that all passengers do, too. Of those killed in rollover accidents each year, more than 65 percent are not wearing seatbelts. Unbuckled passengers are more prone to head injuries and to being ejected from a rolling vehicle.

If you or your dependents are injured in a rollover accident, whether the rolled vehicle is your own or another driver’s, get medical treatment and contact an experienced rollover accident attorney at 407-999-8995.