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Tips for ATM Safety

Posted by copeland on September 10, 2014

Woman using ATM

ATMs (Automatic teller machines) are a great convenience when you need to withdraw or deposit cash but can't make it to the bank. Unfortunately, they're also safety risks. After all, ATMS often are located in dimly lit, low-traffic areas with inadequate security - if any at all. This makes users prime targets for thieves.

To help protect yourself while using the ATM, negligent security attorneys with Orlando's Todd E. Copeland & Associates offer these tips:

  1. Choose only ATMS located in well-lit and populated areas and go during the daylight. Most ATM robberies take place between 7 pm and 4 am. 
  2. Look for an ATM located in the center of a building wall, away from corners and free of shrubbery where robbers can hide. 
  3. Always be mindful of your surroundings and wary of people lingering nearby or offering to help you with your transaction. When leaving, check to make sure you're not being followed. If you do suspect someone is following you, head directly for the nearest police or fire station. 
  4. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying purses or other valuables while using the ATM. These only serve as added incentives to a thief.
  5. Never count your cash while at the ATM. Not only may a thief be watching to see how much his potential haul will be, but it takes your attention off your surroundings and makes you all the more vulnerable to an attack. 
  6. When using a drive-up ATM, keep your engine running and your doors locked. Leave enough room to maneuver between your car and the one ahead of you, should you need to bolt quickly. 
  7. Keep a supply of deposit envelopes in your car and fill out the deposit or withdrawal sheets beforehand. This will limit the time you're spending at the ATM, thus reducing your chances of being accosted. 
  8. If you are confronted by a thief demanding your money, it's best to comply. Street-smart thieves want to avoid making a scene that may attract nearby police, so fighting back can quickly escalate the danger.

If you are robbed or attacked by an assailant while using an ATM, the property owner may be held liable for failing to provide adequate security. Call police and get medical attention for any injuries. Then, call 407-999-8995 to speak with an experienced negligent security attorney.